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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the driver's age requirements?

A: Those Born BEFORE 1/1/88 DO NOT need Boaters Safety Card. 

Those Born AFTER 1/1/88 can easily obtain Boaters Safety Cards with us then drive their own waverunner. (must be at least 18yrs to take "minor" passenger)    

18+ Do NOT need Boaters Safety Card IF accompanied by someone born BEFORE 1/1/88 on the same machine with them.

Q: What do I wear?

A: 75 degrees and up is t-shirt weather! Otherwise dress as if you were going for a bicycle ride. when it’s cold you can come fully dressed.

Q: Will I get wet?

A: Even if you have to come wearing blue jeans and a jacket we will supply any other protective clothing needed. At the most you will get wet to your knees with some occasional splashes.

Q: What is the age limit for kids?

A: Kids as young as three have taken this trip. We prefer 5 yrs but if your child is accustomed to this type of activity 4 yrs is ok.

Q: Is this a “bumpy”ride?

A: Since we depart from the trailer in calm waters we can avoid the “bumpy” and uncomfortable Gulf of Mexico on windy days.

Q: What about pregnant participants?

A: This is not a crazy jetski ride. Most areas are literally “flat” calm. We are ok with it but ask your Doctor before participating.

Q: How hard is it to drive a waverunner?

A: We will spend a minimum of 20-30 minutes teaching you the very easy controls. Each trip departs at approximately 20mph as if all drivers have never driven before. 

Q: We just woke up and there are big waves in the Gulf. Should we cancel?

A: It’s common in the winter months to see waves in the Gulf. We depart from calm water and your adventure will NOT include riding in big waves. Capt Ron’s is able to operate almost 365 days/year!

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