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Experience the Everglades

Ten Thousand Islands Like never Before

"Every adventure has my personal guarantee that every

customer will be completely satisfied or 100% money back".


Capt Ron

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Tour the Magnificent Ten Thousand Islands

Guided tours of the Ten Thousand Islands embark daily from Caxambas Park located at

909a Collier Ct in Marco Island. *Reservations are not taken at this location

and must be made in advance by calling: (239) 777-9975

Embark on a three hour tour through the Ten Thousand Islands led by Capt. Ron and his team and see the natural beauty of Florida Everglades with a brand new perspective. The sights include labyrinths of mangrove forests, tropical wildlife and the interesting dome-like structures of Cape Romano. Learn about the history of Southwest Florida and the native inhabitants of years past. Your tour will undoubtedly be the highlight of your visit to Marco Island and we look forward to experiencing it with you!


(up to 3 passengers with a maximum combined weight of 400 lbs).

Price includes a link to download all of the pics from your trip and bottled water on ice under the hood!



Capt. Ron invented the 10,000 Islands waverunner tour in 1988 and is the most experienced Waverunner Guide in The 10,000 Islands today with 28 years and counting under his belt.  There is nobody more qualified to pass on the knowledge needed to keep you safe on your waverunner adventure.  Any guide who wasn’t personally trained by Capt Ron would take 28 years to catch up!

 Please join us in the right frame-of-mind. This is an eco-adventure,

not a race. Those looking for “speed” should consider other rental

options available on Marco Island.

Our work



Top 10 Reasons Why Capt. Ron’s is #1


1- Capt. Ron Hagerman invented the wave runner tour in 1988. It’s hard to beat an original!

2- Our customer service is incredible. 

3- Our equipment is State-of-the-Art and shiny new!

4- Every trip is just as fun for us as it  is for you!

5- We try our best to anticipate your needs.

6- Keeping you safe is our #1 priority.

7- More experience than all other wave runner tour guides combined!

8- Calm water departures keep you warm and almost completely dry in winter months.

9- Every trip is guaranteed!

10- We now offer trips to Suwannee River in North Florida. Please call for customized pricing.  

Technology, Safety, and Being Prepared


* In the Summer (Rainy season) Capt. Ron's uses GPS tracking technology with a GPS radar overlay to monitor our groups.

We know exactly where you are and where potentially dangerous thunderstorms are also. A technician relays crucial information to our guides to keep us clear of storms. We are the most technologically advanced Waverunner Tour Company ANYWHERE!


* In Winter months 55 degree days and 20 knot winds are common. When the Gulf of Mexico is awash in 1 to 6 foot waves, Capt. Ron's will keep you WARM and DRY. With us, you will launch right from the trailer, fully clothed! There are NO WAVES at our backwater launch site and you won’t have to awkwardly board from a dock or wade out through the waves and get wet BEFORE you even get on your waverunner. The water temp is usually around 60 deg's in the winter. Couple that with the wind-chill factor @ 30mph on your waverunner and you will be COLD departing from the beach!


  • *Capt. Ron's is well prepared with sweat clothes, boots, leather driving gloves, sunglasses,

  • bottled water and wind-proof suits for your comfort as Capt. Ron's. 

  • *We are open more consistently than any other waverunner tour company.

Drivers Age Requirements: 


Drivers age requirements: 

Those Born BEFORE 1/1/88 DO NOT need Boaters Safety Card. 

Those Born AFTER 1/1/88 can easily obtain Boaters Safety Cards from us then drive their own waverunner. (must be at least 18yrs to take "minor" passenger)    

18+ Do NOT need Boaters Safety Card IF accompanied by someone born BEFORE 1/1/88 on the same machine with them.


Do you really want a "rookie" guide leading your adventure tour?

Lately it seems everybody thinks they're a tour guide. Before you go, you should know.....

I'm Capt Ron and I pioneered the 10,000 Islands adventure tour in 1987 before anyone else and today I have 20 years more experience than any other waverunner guide on Marco island. The next most experienced tour guide has approximately 10 years experience and the rest are simply from an endless line of employees who have been taught a simple route that keeps you close to home. In fact, most of the waverunner guides on Marco Island weren't even born when I started guiding and haven't got the experience to handle some of the situations that can arise during a tour while you're 20 miles from civilization. I spend over 1000 hours a year in the seat of my waverunner doing two -three trips a day. At Capt Ron's you get the captain himself. Nobody else is more qualified or more experienced and safety oriented to lead you safely through the 10 ki on an unforgettable adventure. From using waverunners to rescue 90 ppl after hurricane Katrina to running fleets of sixty waverunners for the largest water sports provider on this island nobody can match my credentials. Not even close. I have seen just about everything that can happen on a waverunner and therefore I know how to prevent accidents other guides would never see coming. There's way more to this than a good personality and some dolphin facts. Everyday I do my best to ensure your safety while I guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with a little bit of something for everybody. If you want a "cookie cutter" tour, there's plenty out there. If you want the very best I encourage you to join me on one of my adventures. My fleet is new and state of the art and all machines are equipped with brakes. Every adventure has my personal promise that you will be completely satisfied or I will insist you do not pay a penny. Oh, and active military always ride for FREE. Capt Ron


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